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It’s a piece of bad news for all of you; Canadian Immigration closed the Atlantic immigration pilot on December, 31st, 2021. The causes which affect most to provisional endorsement are no longer being issued.

But you know every bad news brings with good news, so yes if you have valid provincial endorsement then you are still eligible to apply for permanent residency under AIPP but the deadline for applying till 5th March 2022.

The Canadian government, of course, has something for you guys, exactly the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program has been replaced with the pilot program. All of you who want to submit your permanent residency application can file your application by the new program starting 6th March 2022.

Steps following to PR by Pilot Program:

1. Job offer letter form nominated employer by Provinces
2. Pin up your all documents
3. Submission of your permanent residency application

What is Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)?

The AIPP is a pathway to permanent residency designed for skilled foreign workers and for international graduates who want to live and work in one of Canada’s 4 Atlantic provinces.

Provinces Name under AIIP are:

1. Newfoundland and Labrador
2. Prince Edward Island
3. Nova Scotia
4. New Brunswick

Requirements for Pilot Program are mentioned here:

There are 3 programs by which employers can hire you, but one thing more here you must be qualified more than one, but you can apply through only 1.
Furthermore, for all three programs, you must have to show your English requirements, education, skills letters, and proof of enough payment that you have to support you and your family when you will travel to Canada.

Three Pilot Programs:

Atlantic International Graduate Program:

• English Proficiency Certificate (which shows that you can communicate in English)
• You have to live in Atlantic province for at least 16 months and 2 years before completion of your degree, diploma
• You have a diploma or degree from a publicly funded university or institution
• You’ve enough funds in hand to support yourself and your family in Canada
Note: work experience is not required for international graduates by hiring Atlantic Pilot Program

Atlantic High-Skilled Program:

• You must have a diploma from a well-recognized university
• You have professional management experience for least one year
• Enough funds to support yourself
• English proficiency Certificate

Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program:

• You have at least one year of experience that requires a high school certificate
• Funds to support yourself
• English letter
• Diploma or equivalent education

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