Courses To Study In Australia In 2022 (High Demand Courses In Australia)

High research on courses Leeds to PR according to the global talent independent programs

In this blog, I will be going to discuss my recommended courses to study in Australia in 2022.

Firstly I would like to tell you a little bit about Australia’s education system, Australia has AQF which is the Australian Qualification Framework Levels and each qualification is given a level by Australia’s education system.

AQF level one has the lowest complexity
• AQF Level Two has the highest complexity

If you someone who has just finished secondary education then it might be a good idea to go to Australia to study a certificate-level course or diploma level course. You could start with a cert 3 or a cert 4 or you could start even with a diploma-level course. If you want to go study a certificate or a diploma level of course you will see that the classes a more hands-on rather than theoretical. And the classes are mainly structured in a similar way to what you have experienced in your secondary education.

If you come to Australia to study bachelor’s or a master you will see that you’re learning is more independent. You will maybe give some gaudiness when it comes to assessment tasks and it’s mostly up to you how you can do your assessments. So if you are coming after your secondary education I highly recommended that you start from the lower level of studies from a certificate level or from diploma level.

Once you figure out what’s a level of studies suits you best then you will have to look for the next level I mean towards the right course, of course. Choosing the right courses is directly related to choosing the right occupation, so you may want to see the occupation demand list of Australia to see what occupation you will like to pick. This is to make sure that you will have a job once you have completed your studies in Australia.

If you wish to study Diploma level course then I have some recommendations for all of you.

My first recommendation is a diploma in community services.

The occupation outcome is a community worker and it also has a very low English requirement of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent and also fees you are looking for are about 10,000$ to 12000$.

If you somebody who has got high English score which is 7.0 in IELTS or equivalent test then you may also look at the option of studying

Nursing (Diploma of Nursing)

The occupation outcome is enrolled Nurses so the occupation outcome is on the short-term occupation demand list of Australia and there are many jobs that are available in Australia in this occupation as well. The fees that you are looking at are around 10,000$ to 15000$ Australian dollars per year.

Diploma in Information & Engineering

You may also do a diploma in IT or Engineering Because there is always a demand for occupation in Australia and you are looking at anything between 8000$ to 10000$ per year.
Telecommunication Courses Diploma
There are also telecommunication courses at diploma level are available in Australia and the IELTS requirement is only 5.5 and also the fees you are looking around 10000$ per year.

Trade Courses

You may also look doing trade courses in Australia so usually, there are at a certificate 3 level or a certificate 4 level courses and the course duration is usually two years and you are looking about fees which are 10000$ to 12000$ per year.
Higher Studies

If you are someone who wants to go to Australia for higher education then I highly recommend studying for a

• Bachelor of Nursing
• Bachelor in Social Work
• Bachelor to Study in Medical Laboratory Sciences

That is always a demand for health professionals in Australia and you don’t face any issues in finding jobs in these occupations.

There are also lots of degrees that are available in
• Information & Technology
• Mechanical and civil engineering.
• Business & Management
• Finance

These are also some of the courses that you may study in Australia. If you are a buddy who wants to go to Australia to study for a master’s or a Ph.D. Then I really want you to look at the Target Sectors for the Global Talent

Independent Program these target sectors are:

1. Agriculture Technology
2. Medical Technology
3. Financial Technology
4. Quantum Information, ICT, Data Science
5. Cyber Security
6. Space and advance Manufacturing
7. Energy & Mining Technology

These are the target sectors for the global talent independent programs and the department allocated 5000 places for these programs. I don’t know how many places will be allocated for this program this year but looks like the government is on getting skills and experiences in this target sector.

There are some universities that are offering degrees in these target sectors so you may do some research on that or you can mention your question in the comment section.

Uzma Shaheen
I am Uzma Shaheen, passionate blogger, career counselor, and writer of Foreign Education Advisory (FEA), I am working with a well-reputed student exchange network as a student career counselor, and providing advice and guidance to students on different topics to help them how to choose the right destination, university for studies and about funding and scholarship. I have done my graduation in the Business specification. I love to explore the global education world and browse different scholarships and bursaries because it's my passion to search for new opportunities. I will be more than happy to answer your queries

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