How Can Differentiate TAFE from Universities

Before jumping to the difference, it’s really important to know what TAFE is and why students prefer to diploma courses at colleges rather than universities. There is a phoneme that is always round in students’ minds that college is better than, However, if you have a settlement plan then please invest in your higher education rather than on vocational training program.

Why it is important to go to universities is better than to move towards TAFE. I’m Uzma and going to answer your all questions in this blog one by one let’s start.

What is TAFE?

Australian Technical Further Education is basically designed under government supervision to provide VET courses to the students. Students attend TAFE to peruse their courses from certificate to postgraduate studies.

But in Australia, you can see many private colleges which offered VET courses under the supervision of Registered Training Organization (RTOs). Here is something really noted try to select TAFE colleges for your studies if you are an international student because TAFE provides you additional security as comparatively private colleges.

What is the difference between TAFE & University?

There are some major points are enlisted for differentiating TAFE and universities effectively.

Numerous Courses:

Generally, TAFE usually offers VET courses in the shape of Diplomas and Certificates. But some TAFE is really famous for their Technical undergrad and postgrad degrees including all these TAFE offers English languages courses as well. TAFE can compromise on IELTS Scores for students.

Universities offer only higher education to their students. You can find all courses including engineering, medical, pharmacy, business, sports and many more but its professional degree which is based on 2,3,4 years duration respectively. University has no flexibility in IELTS Score.

Accessibility towards University and TAFE:

University has linnet requirements for admission because as I mentioned earlier that universities offering higher studies to the students then accessibility to the university is a little bit tough task but if you have a strong academic profile then honestly speaking it will be the best choice for you.

TAFE institutions have low entry requirements but in my point of view, it’s basically designed for those students who have low academic records but have some skills and are passionate too about it. But remember this is not a piece of cake exactly because there are some pathways also available for entry to the university on a higher education scale.

Practical Courses Vs Academic Courses:

TAFE institutions focused on practical courses and they believe that workplace skills are important rather than all. TAFE facilities provide the student with industry base knowledge that allows them to train outside of the classroom. This is basically a skilled base course which is relay on practical mostly such as automotive courses, Building and Construction, construction waterproofing, Building and construction and many more.

On contrary, universities focused on academic excellence rather than practical experience. But plus point is this after completion of your degree you have to chance to do internship or placement into your relevant field. Along with all you’ve to chance to explore your study deeply because the course frame length will be 3 or more.

Difference between TAFE and University fees:

The estimated fee chart is mentioned below but if you want to correct the figure kindly visit your desired university and institution’s official page because the fees chart upgraded according to the course needs or requirements.

Uzma Shaheen
I am Uzma Shaheen, passionate blogger, career counselor, and writer of Foreign Education Advisory (FEA), I am working with a well-reputed student exchange network as a student career counselor, and providing advice and guidance to students on different topics to help them how to choose the right destination, university for studies and about funding and scholarship. I have done my graduation in the Business specification. I love to explore the global education world and browse different scholarships and bursaries because it's my passion to search for new opportunities. I will be more than happy to answer your queries

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