How Do Academic Scholarships Work For International Students

At the beginning of every academic year, universities around the world announce their scholarship programs. Hundreds of opportunities are available at institutions both in your country and abroad. Most of these scholarships will have application deadlines during the following semester or term, so you have to act quickly if interested.

Most colleges and universities offer academic scholarships to students who are deemed to be academically gifted. Academic scholarships are typically awarded based on the student’s high school academic performance, score on college entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT, class ranking, test scores, grades, G.P.A., and/or teacher recommendations. The amount of the scholarship award is typically dependent on the student’s GPA, class rank, and SAT/ACT scores.

Here’s how academic scholarships typically work for international students:
1.Applications for academic scholarships are available through the admissions office of the college or university being applied to. Students planning to attend four-year colleges should apply during their senior year of high school, while students planning on attending two-year community colleges should apply one or two years prior to enrolment since most community colleges have rolling admissions.
2.Academic scholarships are usually renewable provided that certain criterion, such as a minimum GPA and class standing, is maintained throughout the semester/quarter. The amount of scholarship awarded may also be subject to change if the student’s grades or test scores improve from one academic term to another. Some schools do not offer automatic renewals and require students to reapply for scholarships each academic term.
3.Academic scholarship awards are typically determined based on the student’s high school grade point average (GPA), class rank, performance on college entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT, and/or teacher recommendations. The amount of money awarded is often dependent on the student’s GPA, test scores, class rank, and/or the college’s tuition rate. For example, high GPA students with high test scores may qualify for full-ride scholarships while low GPA students without higher test scores might receive half-tuition or non-renewable grants.
4.Some schools require that students maintain a minimum GPA to renew their academic scholarships. This is often referred to as a “good standing” requirement and is typically required for automatic scholarship renewal.
5.Academic scholarships are awarded to students who plan on majoring in a particular field of studies, such as engineering or nursing. Awards may be available for specific departments within the school (e.g., athletic scholarships) and are typically offered by the school’s athletic department or funding office. Scholarships are also awarded to students based on their intended major, grade point average, class standing, test scores, community service activities, and/or work experience.
6.Academic scholarships from colleges and universities typically require students to pay a certain amount of tuition fees per semester/quarter or academic year. In some cases, schools award renewable scholarships that cover tuition costs only and require students to pay additional fees. However, other schools may award full-ride scholarships that cover room and board as well. Students should verify scholarship requirements with the admissions office of the college or university they plan to attend before applying for academic scholarships.
7. Academic scholarships are typically posted online or listed in official school publications (e.g., student handbooks, scholarship brochures). Contact the financial aid office of each school you’re interested in applying to for additional information about academic scholarships and any requirements that might apply.
8.Many colleges and universities award athletic or talent-based scholarships to students who plan on participating in specific sports such as rowing or football or who demonstrate their talent in a particular area, such as music or dance. These scholarships are typically awarded by the school’s athletic department and funding office.

Uzma Shaheen
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