May, 2022 Intake Uk Universities For International Students

There are many questions raised in mind when considering education in UK mid of the year
Is May intake available in Uk? The answer is a big yes! may intake is available for UK Universities and colleges.

Uk universities divided their intake into three categories which are Autumn, Winter & Summer intakes. The most popular intake in the UK for international students are autumn and Winter that begin in the months of September and January, these intakes consider major intakes because all courses are usually open in January and September intake. But most universities take admission applications for summer intake which most probably start April to May. Without wasting any time

let’s move to the list of courses and names of universities in the UK that warmly welcome international students for the May 2022 intake.

Sr.# University Name Campus Courses Intake (2022)
Coventry University LondonBBA (Business Administration
2) Coventry University London BA (Accounting & Finance for international Business (Top Up)


Coventry University LondonBA (Global Business Management)
4)Coventry University

London BA (Global Finance)May
5)Coventry University

London BA (Global Business)May
6)Coventry University

LondonMsc (Strength and Conditioning)May
7)Coventry University

London Msc (Highways and Transportation Engineering)May
8)Coventry University

London Msc (Structural Engineering )May
9)Coventry University
Msc (Sustainability & Environmental )May
10)Coventry University London Msc (Civil Engineering project Management )

11)Coventry University

London International Foundation Year (Law)May
12)Coventry University

LondonInternational Foundation Year Engineering )May
13)Coventry University

London HNC/HND/BA (Tourism & Hospitably Management )March, May, July
14)Coventry University

London Foundation (Computing, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Public Health, Sports Sciences)May
15)Coventry University

London Bsc (Cloud Computing)March, May
16)Coventry University

London International Foundation Year (Computing)March, May
17)Coventry University

London International Year Foundation Year (Business )March, May
18)Coventry University

LondonInternational Foundation Year (Art, Design, Media)March, May
19)Coventry University

London International Foundation Year (Accounting & Finance)May
20)Coventry University CoventryMaster of Business Administration(Artifical Intelligence)
Master of Business Administration
(Sustainable Tourism)
21)Coventry University CoventryMaster of Qualifying Program (Business)May
22)Coventry University London campus Master of Qualifying Program (Computing)May
23)Coventry University Coventry Master of qualifying Program (Engineering Management)

24)Coventry University CoventryMaster of of qualifying Program (Engineering) May
25)Coventry University

Coventry MBA (Cyber Security Management)May
26)Coventry University Coventry Msc (Molecular Biology)May
27)Coventry University Coventry MSC (Pharmacology and drug Discovery)May

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