Most Popular Trade Courses in Australia

Most Popular Trade Courses in Australia and Compete Guideline about Job Ready Program that can help you to settle down in Australia. There are many reasons why you choose Trade Courses in Australia one of the main reasons most of the trade courses I will be talking about in this video today on the MLSSL List 189,180 &491.

MLTSSL List is a Medium to Long Term Occupation Demand List in Australia and if your occupations are on that list you will be eligible to lodge any skilled migration Visas which is subclass 189,180 & 491 visa.

The second reason there is a lot of jobs are available for trade workers in Australia and the jobs are paid a very high hourly rate to workers.

The third reason for this is the course fees of all trade courses are affordable and in student pocket. Most of these courses cost almost 17000$ for two years program. The English requirement is very less for trade courses you need only 5.5 with each 5.0 for the admission of any trading course. And in some cases, you may get a wavier of English test requirements but it depends on the rating of your country and the rating of your provider

Note: It is very important before enrolment of any course it is very important that you have to understand the skills assessment process of your occupation.

In this blog, I will guide you and explain the whole process from studying to the right course then moving to your temporary graduate visa, the skills assessment process, and finally your permanent residency application.

Most Popular Trade Courses in Australia:

There are a lot of trade courses that are available for international students in Australia but I have tried my level best to highlight some of the most important and popular courses to enlist for you,

• Certificate III in light vehicle Mechanical Technology -Motor Mechanic
• Certificate III in Carpentry – Carpenter
• Certificate III in Cabinet Making –Cabinet Maker
• Certificate III in Bricklaying –Bricklayer
• Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology –Panel Beater
• Certificate III in Marine Crafts Construction – Boat Builder
• Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade – Sheet Metal Trades Worker
• Certificate III in Electrical Engineering Technician – Electrical Technician
• Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical- Automotive Mechanical

Apart from all these there are lots of other trade courses that are available for international students if you want to study in any course please feel free mentioned your query into comment section I will be happier to reply

Getting permanent residency through trade course first thing which you keep in your mind is to study right course usually trade courses frame in certificate III and certificate IV or a diploma level depending on your occupation which you choose.

All international students who are going to study trade courses in Australia will also go through a job-ready program. This program is available for all students who are studying in Australia and have done skills assessing body for Trade Occupations is Trade Recognition in Australia.

Job Ready Program depends on 4 easy steps:

1. Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) -300$

Getting your provisional assessment and for this, you must have to pay 300$ (Australian dollar) to Trade Recognition Australia. This step you usually do when you are an international student in Australia and have recently finished your studies in a Trade Qualification you would have a student visa and you would have completed your two years trade qualification and you have also completed your 360 hours of vocational Placement or paid employment in your nominated occupation or closely related occupation.

You have to submit your qualification and also evidence of your vocational placement or your employment evidence. All documents along with your confirmation letter from your concerning college have to confirm that you have to complete 360 vocational hours placement. You need a positive provisional skills assessment and qualification to lodge your temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 and this visa issue for 18 months.

Now if you have applied for a 485 visa or have already been granted a 485 visa. You are ready for step number two.

2. Job Ready Employment (JRE)-500$

The second you are going to step forward is Job ready Employment and you will pay for this 500$. To start this step it is very important that you are already received a positive provisional skills assessment or you have either lodged your a 485 visa or have been granted your 485 visas. You must complete 1725 hours of paid employment in your nominated occupation in a minimum of 12 months from JRA start.

Note: if you are working part-time then It will take longer than 12 months to complete the job read program. You are not eligible for the job-ready program if you have less than 12 months. You will have to spend a minimum of 12 months to complete 1725 hours of paid employment.

It is also very important that you work at eligible employment is that your task is appropriate skill level for your nominated occupation you are getting super innovation is your payslip and also getting the award wage in your nominated occupation. In this step, you also complete your employment verification report usually signed by your employer and you also submitted your skill progress report you have to submit this report after starting your JRE start date. Once you have completed your 6 months of your job-ready program and you have completed 863 hours of paid employment then you are ready for step number 3.

Skill Assessment Report:

“The skill progress report is a self-assessment of activities that you have undertaken at your workplace”

3. Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) -2000$

The third step is job-ready workplace assessment which is generally known as JRWA and fess from TRA 2000$. In this step assessor from Trade Recognition, Australia will come in to visit your workplace and they will assess your task and activities that you are performing. Once they will satisfy with your activities as per your nominated occupation and at the same level of your skill occupation level.

4. Job Ready Final Assessment (JJRFA)- $150

Step number four and the final step is a job-ready final assessment and the cost for this step is $150. Once you get this program positive then you are ready to apply for your permanent visa. In this step, you are expecting to provide payslips of 1725 hours and need to accept by TRA. Usually, it takes up to 45 days to get output. You are eligible to lodge the general skills migration visas which are subclass 189,190 or 491.

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