Top Two ways to immigrant to Canada (Canada Series)

Today I am going to start the Canada Immigration series for my reader, every blog depends on two ways to move Canada, it’s the most requested blog series so stay tuned. I have a lot of search on it, hopefully, it will be a great and informative blog for you guys.

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Family class category:

You will be eligible for this category if you are married with a permanent residence in Canada or with a Canadian citizen who is 18 years old or more than. But there are certain conditions that you must need to obtain your visa.
First, you have to show the household set up together:
Second, you and your partner have been living together for 12 months continues.
Process how to sponsor your partner, spouse, or child:
So, you can sponsor your partner or child to Canada if you have available assess to support them
• Support them financially during the stay
• You don’t need social assistance from the government, make sure that

Now the question is raised here, who is eligible to sponsor?
  • You are at least 18 years old at the time of the sponsorship
  • If you are living outside of Canada, then you must show your plan to will live in Canada after the person you want to sponsor to become a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You are able to provide for the basic needs of your sponsor
  • You are not receiving any social assistance rather than any disability
  • You are not able to sponsor your partner or child if your permanent residency address is outside of Canada

Financial Evolution (your Available Income)

Make sure you have enough financial resources to support your partner during the stay. The official processing department may ask you for additional information and for any finical documents if you are not satisfied with them. You must have to provide sufficient evidence to sustain your income calculation.

Your available income must be earned in the period of 12 months preceding the date of your application lodge. To calculate your available income you must need a document called Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) notice of assessment. You can view the tax returns as well as personal tax information by using your CRA account.

Law Income Cut- Off (LICO) are:

More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add
Who cannot be eligible to sponsor?

You are not eligible to sponsor your partner or child if:

  • You would not like to live in Canada when a person becomes a permanent resident of Canada
  • If your status of stay in Canada is not a permanent residency in Canada
    Your permanent residency application in processing
  • If you don’t have enough money to support your partner.
  • You are less than 18 years old
  • If your permanent residency status is below 5 years

International Student:

One of the easiest ways to live in Canada is to get a study visa entrance to Canada
Study permit:
“ The study permit is a document or visa stamp which allows to an international student to study at designated learning institution (DLIs) in Canada”

Most foreign nationals have a dream to come and study in Canada. You can simply say that it’s international students’ dream to study over there. There are many reasons behind this like living standards, Permanent residency, quality of education, high rated jobs for international students, etc.

How long you can stay in Australia with a study permit:

A study permit usually depends on the length of your study program but there are 90 days extra including in your duration to prepare your mind either you leave for Canada or apply for an extension of stay.
Eligibility Requirement for International Students:

  • You’ve enough funds to pay your tuition fees, living expenses, and transportation
  • Your DLI
  • You must be above 18 years old
  • Police certificate, to prove that you have no criminal record in your native country or you always follow the laws.
  • Medical Exams clearance
  • English proficiency letter according to your subject or institution
  • Documents that you may need for a study permit.

1. University offer letter
2. All educational Documents (attested by notary public/HEC)
3. Financial support documents
o Prof of Canadian bank account in your name (for GIC)
o Bank statement for at least last four-month
o A bank draft can be converted into a Canadian dollar
o Proof of your tuition fees or other living expenses
o Proof of any funding from Canada like scholarship
4. Reference letter (minimum two)
5. Experience letter (only for master program students)

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