Why Australia Is First Preference Of International Students

Well! When you think about foreign education then Australia comes first in mind because of its top and high ranked universities, CBD’s, Metropolitan areas, vibrant cities, incredible nature, and student-friendly environment can push students to choose it for further studies. Studying abroad may be slightly intimidating, but educational perspectives and personal development can also be huge.

Studying in Australia can be most beneficial for your dreams or desire career prospective. Australia is not only well known for its natural wonder and beaches but also most popular for its effective education system and outstanding colleges and universities.

Australia has top-ranked universities like Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, Monash University, and University of New South Wales. The tertiary education of Australia also has flexibility and encompasses both education areas higher education and vocational education & training.

There are more than 1200 institutions that offer collectively thousands of courses to students. If you do not meet the direct entry requirements to your desired course then no worries you have many pathways options to achieve your goals. Some of the solid reasons are mentioned in this blog which helps you a lot to make up your mind to study in Australia.

Let Get Start:

1. International Accredited Qualification:

The study programs which are offered by Australian institutions are globally recognized and receive accreditation from international agencies. For this reason, Australian universities ranked in the top 50 list of the world ranking. Students can find lots of different options for studies in Australia.

2. Work Opportunities/Work During The Study Period:

One of the most significant reasons to study in Australia is that you can work during your study as an international student you can work in Australia 40 hours per fourth night. Some recommended industries students can work with are retail, administration & clerical work, farming and fruit picking, health care services, and many more. Students can work according to their choices. But most of the students try to do odd jobs during the study period.

3. Research & Development:

Australian researchers have contributed immensely in the field of R&D which has benefited people around the globe. Australian universities no doubt give excellent opportunities and research facilities to encourage students in the aspect of how they can utilize their skills to discover new things in unknown tertiaries. Australian research body contributed to at least one area of research.

4. Scholarship:

Australian universities offer more than 3,000 grants and bursaries to international students which support more than enough for students to study in Australia. Government contributes 100$ annually to promote education bodies in the shape of scholarships.

5. Standard Of Living In Australia:

Australian cities have top ones for maintaining an excellent standard of living. As I mentioned earlier, the atmosphere of this beautiful country is friendly, effective for international students. Australia is really very welcoming country and has respect for others. Millions of students from different countries enroll for their dream course in Australia and share their valuable knowledge with each other. This is live practice for students to explore a different culture. This is a very memorable experience for all of you guys.

6. Recognized Qualification:

Australian qualifications have a lot of reputation in the entire world. Australian study programs are consistently updated to meet the industrial environment and create leaders. This means that the skill and knowledge that will you get make you capable of excelling in your field which you can build your career anywhere in the world.

7. Postgraduate Work Visa (PSW)

This way provides opportunities to learn experience with your relevant field after completing your degree in Australia. This is a very great initiative of the Australian government for international students because this PSW period connects students with potential employers. You can easily find jobs you want in employment hubs, jobs boards, and industry networking events and careers.

8. Cost of Living:

Australia is really budget-friendly country for international students. In comparison to other countries like UK, USA, and Canada the cost of living is quite low in Australia. Depends on students which living style they adopt during their study period there. The student has these options for accommodation:
Type of Accommodation Average Cost

Hostel $90 to $150Weekly
Shared Flat $95 to $215 Weekly
Rented Flat $185 to $440 Weekly
Campus Accommodation $110 to $280Weekly
Homestay $235 to $ 325 Weekly
Boarding School $11,000 to $22,000 Yearly

Uzma Shaheenhttps://foreigneducationadvisory.com
I am Uzma Shaheen, passionate blogger, career counselor, and writer of Foreign Education Advisory (FEA), I am working with a well-reputed student exchange network as a student career counselor, and providing advice and guidance to students on different topics to help them how to choose the right destination, university for studies and about funding and scholarship. I have done my graduation in the Business specification. I love to explore the global education world and browse different scholarships and bursaries because it's my passion to search for new opportunities. I will be more than happy to answer your queries

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